About Us

From its beginning as a jwellery retailer, Koshi Alankar Group has grown and expanded into a diversified group of businesses that includes  jewellery, hotel, as well as food and beverage.

The diversified businesses of Koshi Alankar Group enable it to become a key player across various industries. Furthermore, the interaction and collaboration among business groups have created synergy, enhanced efficiency, reduced costs and achieved resource-sharing, further improving the competitiveness of the Group. Every time one of its business groups has achieved outstanding results or has access to potential unique resources, other business groups almost always benefit from such an advantage and this collectively results to greater efficiency and effectiveness. Koshi Alankarr Group truly treasures this strength. For many years, the Group has cultivated a corporate culture, which emphasizes close synergy among its various businesses. The Group is proud to have a team that comes from different backgrounds and professions yet able to work closely with one another.

Established in 1980, Koshi Alankar Jewellery is a cornerstone of Koshi Alankar Group’s business. In its early days, the Group was mainly a retailer of jwellery. However, beginning in the 20s, the Group started to sell fine jewellery products and later even went into the design and manufacture of its own luxury line.

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